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Vision and Values

Recognizing the need for a holistic educational experience, educators are integrating creative development programs into their curriculum with great results

The outlook of education is rapidly changing. Education is no longer about what one finds in textbooks and copies from a blackboard. Today, education is about giving the student more – it’s about helping them think beyond, pushing the boundaries and learning new skills. The future requires minds that can think out of the box, create and discover something new.

Today, creative expression has become one of the most important aspects for success and growth. Educators and business leaders across the world have come to recognize the need for creativity in learning and vouch for its role in every young student’s future.

At a time when schools are aiming to develop an ideal creative classroom, Image Infotainment limited launched Imageminds pioneering the concept of learning through Art, Design and Technology. ImageMinds works by collaborating with the school to set up creative and digital labs, with programs offered to cater to students across all levels.

A future-ready next generation

Mr.K.Kumar – Founder & Managing Director, Imageminds says “it’s never too early to ignite the spark of creativity. Every child is wonderfully creative and original. We give them the power to colorfully express what they're thinking as they discover, explore and dream. We bring forth only the finest and latest from the creative world and strive to provide a quality education that taps the creative potential in every student”.

Independent efforts, collaborative results

With programs like these, the stress on schools to invest largely in setting up facilities and hiring the right staff to run the courses is completely removed. With a few empty classrooms, labs are set up with Design studios, Audio studios, Graphic studios and Green Matte studios for use in different courses. From class 1 onwards, students are introduced to various aspects of art like drawing and painting, moving further to computer-aided design, typography and software. In later years, students are also introduced to courses like fashion design, photography, videography, clay sculpting, animation and gaming.

The changing face of parenting

Today, more parents are warming up to the idea that their children must make their own career choices. Programs like ImageMinds has proven to be a welcome addition and many parents share positive views on how their interaction with their children has seen a radical change.