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Clay Sculpting & 3D

The world we live is composed of complex 3D shapes. Instilling the knowledge of 3D at a young age helps students appreciate space and promotes thought process in lines of Engineering, Architecture, Product Designing, Interior Designing and Landscape Designing. The course teaches sculpting concepts that trains students on creating tactile and digital 3D models.

Course Highlights

Architecture Study

Activities to model monuments using 3D software help students to explore “architecture as power (social science)”. Here, practical understanding of ratio and proportion in math are also applied.

Representing 3D in 2D

Representing 3D in 2D is a math concept that is explored through activities of perspective drawing.

Physics Principles involving Motion, Time and Medium

Activities to animation a pendulum, clock ticking, helicopter blades and so on help students observe and analyze motion. Animation activities also help student appreciate the idea of time and the need to measure it. The activities further push students to explore properties of different objects in different conditions like water, air and space.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to create much impactful academic presentations & story boards
  • Developed concentration and perseverance
  • Expertise in observation, visualization and recreation of surroundings
  • Ability to visualize learning from math, physics and science
  • Improved understanding on the importance of relation between size, ratio, proportion and space
  • Expertise understanding of shapes and their properties
  • Courses - Clay Sculpting & 3D
  • Courses - Clay Sculpting & 3D
  • Courses - Clay Sculpting & 3D
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