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About Us

Digital Media has today grabbed the eyeballs and the imagination of every person across the world, and more importantly across all ages. With the future moving so rapidly into the digital space, the coming generations are guaranteed to be more evolved and immersed in a world that embraces technology.

Imageminds was established by Image Infotainment Limited for this very purpose - To give students of K-12 Education their introduction into the possibilities that the Digital Medium can offer.

Today, while schools across India realize the need to discover the creative spark in their students, they are limited in resources, time and talent to set a focus on this requirement. This is where Imageminds steps in.

How Imageminds Works?

Imageminds works along with the school to set up Imageminds Creative Labs and Programs that cater to students of every class.

The Imageminds programs are made a part of the school curriculum, so that the students are introduced to a whole new world of possibilities, increasing their performance and dedication. It also helps in opening up several new aspirations, far beyond the limited options they are made to currently choose from.

The Imageminds programs work as an integrated component of every student's yearly syllabus, with an option of providing credit for completion of each course. Beginning with as early as Class 1 (as per school level), all levels gradually increase in skill level, while introducing students to varied new aspects that Digital Media has to offer.