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Fashion Illustration

Imageminds course for class 8 introduces students to the world of Fashion Design. More than the aesthetic aspects involved in fashion, Imageminds course revolves around the academic syllabus. Concepts on sustainability, craft industries and material studies are explored in depth by students as part of this course.

Course Highlights

Materials in Daily Life

Students research and understand how fabrics are made from fibers, different types of fabrics and their properties. They experiment with both synthetic and natural fabrics and decide which material will best suit their redesigning, printing and dyeing projects.

Crafts and Industries

An activity on “Weaving” helps students to understand the difference between handmade and automatic loom and how industrialization has reduced time and manpower. Time and effort involved in weaving enable students to appreciate handmade fabrics and respect weavers.

Sustainable Development of Resources

Redesigning activity provides limelight on the amount of wastage created by fabrics and encourages students to research about the possible methods of recycling resources available. Students redesign worn out clothes and other accessories and create new products giving the old ones a new look.

Learning Outcomes

  • Inculcated habit of research - collect, analyse, validate and organize data
  • Advanced understanding of design principles and design process
  • Expertise understanding of colours and their properties
  • Stimulated thinking to recycle, reuse and reduce
  • Better understanding of properties of different fibers
  • Hands-on knowledge on creative techniques like Tie & Dye, and Embroidery
  • Courses - Fashion Illustration
  • Courses - Fashion Illustration
  • Courses - Fashion Illustration
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Get to Know More on Imageminds Creative Labs...