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Acting & Cartoon Animation

Activities that promote language growth, reasoning and critical thinking in children are taken as priority in Class 6 Imageminds course. As a part of this course, students create their own cartoon characters by drawing and enhancing them digitally using various animation techniques and software.

Course Highlights

Acting to Articulate Individual/Personal Responses

Through acting, students explore role play, dramatization, recitation of rhymes and poems, and telling / retelling stories to others. These actions play a huge role in promoting language growth in children.

Story Narration through Stop Motion

Concepts like germination of seeds, hatching of eggs are taken as topics for stop motion animation activity. Here students observe and study things around them and recreate them as cartoon animation.

Character Creation

Understanding of elementary shapes, symmetry, ratio and proportion are applied in creating characters for cartoon animation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to create impactful academic Presentations and Storyboards
  • Expertise in preparing content / script for different topics
  • Improvised oral presentation skills (pronunciation, modulation) and body language (higher order of expressions - elated, surprised, excited)
  • Improved visualization and observation skills
  • Narrative skills in a logical and effective method
  • Enhanced skills to groom as effective public speakers
  • Courses - Acting & Cartoon Animation
  • Courses - Acting & Cartoon Animation
  • Courses - Acting & Cartoon Animation
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Get to Know More on Imageminds Creative Labs...