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Drawing & Cartoon Creation

Drawing is one of the earliest and most important activities a child gets to engage with. Imageminds, with digital and play-way method of learning, puts across the concept of drawing by introducing shapes and in turn the skills of sorting, classifying and identifying sizes and colours. Starting from basic shapes to recreating surroundings by observation, Imageminds encourages the tiny tots to improve the creative artistic skills along with developing their hand-eye coordination. The course is linked with the academic syllabus and acts as a foundation for living in a mathematical world.

Course Highlights

Geometry, Numbers, Measurement and Patterns

Imageminds introduce shapes through foamies. When a child plays with foamies, he/she develops sorting and classifying skills. He observes similarities and differences of colour and shape, makes comparisons, and organizes this information into meaningful objects. Mathematical concepts like numbers, measurement and patterns are easily understood using foamies. Being introduced to basic shapes, students observe their surroundings and deconstruct real life objects into basic shapes.

Building Familiarity with Spoken Language

Through Drawing and Cartoon Creation activities on “My Family”, “My Friends” and “My Classroom”, students get used to the terms they use in their day-to-day life and learn to visually narrate stories.

Introduction to Digital Possibilities

Imageminds gives equal importance to digital activities right from class 1. Children recreate most of their tactile outputs digitally.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improved observation, visualization & recreation skills
  • Stimulated creative thinking
  • Ability to express ideas through drawing
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Courses - Drawing & Cartoon Creation
  • Courses - Drawing & Cartoon Creation
  • Courses - Drawing & Cartoon Creation
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Get to Know More on Imageminds Creative Labs...