This course exposes students to the processes involved in movie making, starting from concept development to creating a presentable movie.The students get to explore each stage of movie making: concept discussion and narration, script writing and storyboarding, shooting, dubbing, music recording, and compiling. Here the students are given the opportunity to work collaboratively and execute the ideas.

Course Highlights

Concept Development and Story Narration

In the “Concept Development and Storyboarding' activity students discuss and narrate their concepts with teammates and come up with original ideas.

Movie Making

For creating a “short film”, students are encouraged to analyse common environmental issues and explore topics creating social awareness. Some concepts include, “Dignity of Labor”, “Protection of Wildlife” and “Water Borne Diseases”.

Application of VFX in Science Projects

Imageminds introduce Vfx as a part of this course, where the students are given an opportunity to imagine virtual environments and scenarios. The children get to explore science concepts like “Ride on a Spacecraft”, “If I had Wings” and “If I had to Live Underwater”. Though it's an imaginary environment, students get to apply their academic understanding about how materials behave in different environment (in water, air and space).

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to create impactful academic Presentations and Storyboards
  • Enhanced role playing skills that stimulate imagination & enhanced social development
  • Improved initiative, management and tem playing skills
  • Improved presentation skills - oral & body language
  • Courses - Videography
  • Courses - Videography
  • Courses - Videography
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Get to Know More on Imageminds Creative Labs...