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Digital Photography

Ask a child to study a flower or leaf for few minutes; he / she might not do it. But give him a camera; he will end up taking pictures in a way you have never seen before. Identifying this potential in kids, Imageminds introduces Digital Photography and Image Editing technique to class 4 students in order to kindle their curiosity and make them better observers. Designed by industry experts, this course has been specially crafted to not only teach students the basics of Digital Photography, but to train the children to see the world with a creative eye.

Course Highlights

Framing and Composition

The practical framing and composition techniques of photography enable students to apply mathematical concepts like Depth of Field, Perspective and Rule of Thirds.

Family, Culture and Heritage through Photo Montage

Students explore culture and heritage through the activity, 'Photo Montage - Cultures of India'. The students work collaboratively by dressing up in different attires, taking photographs and creating digital collages using image-editing software. The topic 'Family' is explored under the 'Family Tree' activity, which depicts relationships in a creative manner.

Growth Cycle of a Plant

In this activity, students observe (through a visual medium) the growth cycle of a plant, record (capture photographs) the stages of seed germination and present (creative visual representation) different stages (seed to plant) through a Time Lapse activity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developed planning and presentation skills
  • Ability to display skills in new creative medium
  • Improved communication of ideas, thoughts and feelings
  • Improved idea generation and design skills
  • Courses - Digital Photography
  • Courses - Digital Photography
  • Courses - Digital Photography
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Get to Know More on Imageminds Creative Labs...