How does Imageminds Partnership model works?

Imageminds offers an exciting and unique partnership opportunity for schools that is sure to earn great value, respect and financial success to the schools.

Imageminds works along with the schools to set up creative studios and programs that cater to students in every class. The creative learning will be a part of the current curriculum, so that the students are introduced to a whole new world of possibilities, in turn increasing their performance and dedication.

What all does Imageminds teach?

Beginning with as early as class 1, Imageminds introduces students to varied facets of digital media, as per the learning ability. The teaching includes drawing, cartoon creation, freehand painting, digital painting, photography, videography, image editing, video/audio editing, modelling, animating, clay sculpting, fashion design and game design.

Will Imageminds recruit and train their own faculties?

Yes, Imageminds will recruit proficient talents in field and train them on the teaching skills. Imageminds will manage the staffing solution to organize Imageminds classes.

How do the creative classes improve academic performance?

The R&D team of Imageminds devise the curriculum and the respective activities complementing the academic curriculum. For example, the class 4 students learning Photography may be given an activity to create a visual documentary of the growth of plants. This way, the students are given a practical exposure to their science topic.

What are the best student achievements so far?

The Imageminds students achieve way beyond any student, parent or school would envy. The students have won various awards in eminent competitions, competing with students of other schools and sometimes colleges too. To mention a few, the students have:

  • Consecutively secured all the first three positions in C4C competition for short films
  • Secured various positions in C4C competition for Drawing
  • Secured various positions in Google India Code to Learn contest 2014 and 2015
  • Won First place in the Aircel-NDTV Save Our Tigers Art Competitions
  • Won Special Jury Award in Game Jam Titan – Mind Box
  • Several prizes at Fabula 2015, an inter-school competition for all schools in South India

Will Imageminds conduct exams to the students?

Imageminds would not conduct exams, as it might make the children look at it as yet another subject and they may lose the charm of exploring ideas.