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Design Fundamentals

Imageminds imparts the knowledge of design fundamentals to class 3 students. Collaborating the fundamentals of Art and Design, this course gives students the opportunity to watch their ideas come alive —starting from aligning their books in an orderly manner to designing their own Name Labels. Students are then allowed to transfer these skills to complete their creation using a digital platform. Through the entire course, students get expert guidance for skill building along with complete freedom to explore their ideas.

Course Highlights

Creative Use of Shapes and Space

The knowledge on space and spatial understating is taught through paper folding and cutting. The course includes a “Pop-up Card Making” activity, which aids this learning with a practical approach.

Mapping Neighborhood

“Map Making” activity through pictures provides students the knowledge of routes, thus registering their neighborhood better. It also helps in identifying 2D shapes in real life surroundings and in creating symbols for representation. Map activity helps students estimate distances and locations within the study area.


“Name Label Designing” and “Typography” activities impart the knowledge of design fundamentals and help students to apply these skills in differentiating headings and paragraphs in a content and in content alignment.

Functional Designing

Several other activities that have functional purposes, like “Designing Posters for Green Environment”, “Designing Masks”, “Room and Party Décors” and “Package Designing” are taught to students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developed focus and attention to detail
  • Stimulated creativity and imagination
  • Improved visual communication skills
  • Courses - Design Fundamentals
  • Courses - Design Fundamentals
  • Courses - Design Fundamentals
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