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Freehand & Digital Painting

Imageminds introduces Freehand and Digital Painting to class 2 students instilling a stronger expression of creativity in them. In this course, colour is introduced as an important medium as it is one of the first ways a kid makes distinctions among things she/he sees; colour words are some of the first words they use to describe these things. This course includes a hands-on session that allows students to exercise their talent with the computer. This course provides students their first chance to create professional works for media and entertainment industry.

Course Highlights

Time and Colour through Shading

This course teaches advanced drawing and colouring techniques through activities like “Time and Colour”. Such activities help students get a better understanding about the nature and its related surroundings with respect to different time periods, seasons and landscapes. Through colouring and shading techniques, students observe and understand properties of different objects, like size and colour.

India's Diverse Heritage

Through freehand and digital painting activities related to 'Festivals', 'Culture and Tradition' and so on, our nation's rich diversity is explored by the children. These activities help students familiarize with our national heritage and help them in understanding and representing national symbols, festivals and icons in their day-to-day life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developed motor skills
  • Ability to work with colours
  • Understanding of advanced techniques in drawing
  • Improved expression of creativity
  • Enhanced observation skills
  • Courses - Freehand & Digital Painting
  • Courses - Freehand & Digital Painting
  • Courses - Freehand & Digital Painting
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Get to Know More on Imageminds Creative Labs...