Mr. K. Kumar
Founder & Chairman

As a pioneer in the fields of Creative Digital Media Education and Digital Media Content Development, we at Imageminds have foreseen the need to introduce school students to varied forms of visual arts and to use art as a tool to impart retentive knowledge. This led us to the development of the finest Art Integrated Learning programme in 2012 that nurtures creativity and innovation as a practice in children. With the successful execution of the Imageminds programme, IMAGE Group is the only organization in the World to offer creative education programmes to aspiring minds of all age groups, right from 5 years to Post Graduates.

Today, we have made it possible for students right from class 1 to explore the different forms of visual arts and the power of digital space. We provide the students an early opportunity to explore and experiment with varied tools and techniques related to drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, videography, animation and game development. We also introduce them to futuristic technologies, such as 3D Printing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

We are proud to have designed a self-reliant programme that comes with best-in-class facilities, tools, fully-loaded toolkits and learning materials that pose no burden on the parents or students to source materials for art exploration. Our accomplished team, after extensive research, has also ensured that the programme is on par with the cognitive level of the students of different age groups and walks in line with the academics. Also, the programme is designed in such a way that it leaves no student behind; and fuels the interests of every child and brings out their skills to make them confidently look through a promising future. I invite you to read through and discover what we have to offer and how we can unleash the hidden creative talents and showcase them to the world.