• 2.17Lakh+

  • 200+

  • 200+

    Student Awards

Why Imageminds?

From the Experts

  • Comes from the pioneers with 28+ years of expertise in Creative Digital Media Education
  • Honoured with "Most Inclusive Educational Programme – Gold" award at EduTech Asia Awards ‪2019, Singapore
  • 10+ years of expertise in offering creative education to 2.17 Lakh+ K10 students

Learner-Centered Pedagogy

  • Provides freedom of expression
  • Provides transdisciplinary learning
  • Steers 4Cs of 21st century learning
  • Provides video tutorials for self-paced learning
  • Ensures barrier-free, uniform learning by providing a fully-loaded toolkit

Grooming Achievers

  • Prepares towards STEAM and STREAM education
  • Strengthens the ‘attention network’
  • Enriches knowledge in scholastic and co-scholastic areas
  • Instils innovation as a practice

Skill Building

  • Improves listening, speaking, reading, writing & arithmetic skills
  • Builds vocational skills
  • Gears up the cognitive, psychomotor & emotional development
  • Augments social skills
  • Improves self confidence and problem-solving skills

Our Collaborators

  • SPA, Angamaly

    SPA, Angamaly

  • Nanjil Catholic School, Nagarcoil

    Nanjil Catholic School, Nagarcoil

  • Montfort Trichy

    Montfort Trichy

  • Bell School, Thirunelveli

    Bell School, Thirunelveli

  • Montfort, Yercaud

    Montfort, Yercaud

  • Jeppiaar School, Chennai

    Jeppiaar School, Chennai

  • Sri Vidhya Mandhir, Pushpathur

    Sri Vidhya Mandhir, Pushpathur

  • Montfort, Chennai

    Montfort, Chennai

  • Jain Vidhyalaya, Madurai

    Jain Vidhyalaya, Madurai

  • SPA, Deharadun

    SPA, Deharadun

  • Holi Child, Bangalore

    Holi Child, Bangalore

  • Mount Litera Zee school, Trichy

    Mount Litera Zee school, Trichy


Ann Flo S. Poonolil
Grade III, St. Patrick’s Academy, Angamaly

I was in class III when Imageminds Creative Labs were introduced in my School, St. Patrick's Academy. From then, Creative Labs has helped me a lot in improving my artistic skills. It helped me gain confidence in designing and creating my own name slips, greeting cards, posters, maps etc when I was just 8 years old. I learned to draw and make a lot of colourful and creative things there.

Grade IV, St. Michael’s Academy, Chennai

I am Tamanah of class 4, from st. Michael’s Academy. I like art and IMAGEMIND very much. I like to make different kind of Paintings also craft works. Through IMAGEMIND I got a platform to showcase my creative skills and also I am more confident now to participate in different competitions on various levels. It has changed my views in many ways. It helped me in developing my skills.

Harsha Nair
M/O Meenakshi Nair, Grade IX, St. Patrick’s Academy, Angamaly

ImageMinds came to school in the year 2012,and then on the school had creative art and skill competitions which helped the youngsters to showcase their talents.
The ideas and creative thoughts that the kids have and the way they take interest in creative the script,taking up roles,moulding character and setting the screen play is really of high efficiency.

Bro. Soosairaj
Principal, Montfort School, Tiruchirappalli

True to its name, "IMAGE MINDS" has impressed the Montfortians by virtue of the great strides made since its inception at Montfort School, Kattur, in 2016, by the creative club, the Photography club and the Radio club.
Incidentally, the students of Radio club hosted a programme for Children's Day in SURYAN FM and Master Sachin. A of VII Std D Sec of the Photography Club secured the Ninth Place at the National Level in the under 14 category, in the NIXON SHUTTER BAG contest.

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