Grade 3 (Age 6+ Yrs): Foundation in Graphic Designing - Creative Learning Kit

Educational Toys & Art, Craft, Digital Creative Learning Activity Kit with Book & sketch book for Boys & Girls | Drawing | Painting | Creating Imprinted Pendant | Model Making | Tile Designing | Design Thinking | Symbols | Emoticons | Headbands | Route Maps| Pattern Designing | E- Cards Designing | Creating Brag Tags | Poster Designing | Electronics Integration

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About this product:

  • Experiential Activities: 19 Engaging Art, Craft & Digital Activities to Inspire and Educate Children that steers 4Cs of 21st century learning and prepares students towards STEAM and STREAM education
  • Fully-Loaded, Age-Appropriate Toolkit for Barrier-Free Learning: The toolkit houses Drawing and Painting Materials, Craft Materials, Model Making Materials, Components for Activity Involving Electronics and Other Supporting Materials
  • Tutorial Videos that provides the freedom to learn anywhere, any time
  • Books with Step by Step Instructions, ‘Fun Time Activities’ and interesting ‘Did You Know’ sections

Course Description

Grade III | 6+ Yrs

This course nurtures problem-solving skills in children, which is essential to be encouraged in this ‘Concrete Operational Period’ of children. The design thinking emphasized in this course helps students move on to a more concrete learning, where they get to understand that different people have unique perspectives and also get to express their own ideas in the form of visual design. Through the joyful experience of creating designs, the students here comprehend the key concepts of Math and Environmental Studies along with improving the English language skills. The children here also get to explore the digital environment for creating visually-rich graphic designs.

Experiential Activities

19 Engaging Art, Craft & Digital Activities to Inspire and Educate Children

A Glimpse at the Activities and Their Academic Learning Outcomes

11 Art and Craft Activities
Creating Plantable Greeting Card
Learning Outcome:
  • Write a message for dear ones.
  • Express their compassion towards plants.
Creating a Plantable Greeting Card
Creating an Imprinted Pendant
Learning Outcome:
  • Study about diverse leaves and create leaf designs on objects.
  • Recognize the simple features of leaves around them.
Creating an Imprinted Pendant
Landscape Painting
Learning Outcome:
  • Record observations and experiences sought from observing activities and visiting different places.
Painting Scenery
Creating Patterns - Tile Designing
Learning Outcome:
  • Create patterns with simple shapes.
Designing a Tile
Graphic Designing
Learning Outcome:
  • Identify and create 2D shapes by paper folding and cutting.
  • Identify the number of sides, corners and diagonals in different 2D shapes.
  • Demongtrate an undergtanding of directions.
  • Recognize simple features of the leaves around.
Creating Direction Board
Creating a Planner
Stamp Designing
Model Making
Learning Outcome:
  • Create models by using local material.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of observing rules in games.
Creating a Guitar Pencil Stand
Creating a Maze Board
Creating a Honey Pot Pencil Stand
Design Thinking Activities
Learning Outcome:
  • Create models using local materials.
  • Record observations and experiences sought from observing activities and visiting different places.
  • Identify solutions in a better way.
  • Demonstrate divergent thinking.
Designing a Bird Beak
Designing a Home Garden
Designing a Mobile Case
08 Digital Activities
Designing Symbols and Emoticon
Learning Outcome:
  • Recognize the simple features of leaves around them.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of signs and symbols used to indicate objects, places and activities.
Designing Happy Earth Emoticon
Desiging a Symbol
Designing Headband
Learning Outcome:
  • Express their compassion towards plants.
  • Identify the number of sides, corners and diagonals in different 2D shapes.
  • Write short sentences in English.
Designing a Headband
Designing Route Map
Learning Outcome:
  • Creates 2D-shapes on a grid by using straight lines.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of directions in maps.
Creating a Route Map
Creating Pattern Design
Learning Outcome:
  • Create patterns using shapes.
Creating a Pattern Design through Tiling
E-Card Designing
Learning Outcome:
  • Write a message for dear ones.
  • Create patterns with shapes and numbers.
Designing an E-Card
Creating Brag Tags
Learning Outcome:
  • Identify the number of sides, corners and diagonals in different 2D shapes.
  • Write short sentences in English.
Designing a Brag Tags
Poster Designing
Learning Outcome:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of signs and symbols used to indicate objects, places and activities.
Poster Designing
01 Activity Integrating Art and Electronics
Creating Ambulance Model with Glowing Lights
Learning Outcome:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of signs used in vehicles.
  • Create a simple electronic circuit.
Creating an Ambulance Model
Materials for Barrier-Free Learning
Fully-Loaded, Age-Appropriate Toolkit:
  • Drawing and Painting Materials - Organic Colours, Tempera Colours, Glass Paint, Paint Brushes, Colour Palette, Gel Pen, Oil Pastels, Sketch Pen
  • Model Making Materials - Clay, Epoxy, MDF Boards, Paper Straws, Marbles
  • Craft Materials - Seeds, Tissue Paper, Cord, OHP Sheets, Colour Sheets, Toothpick
  • Components for Activity Involving Electronics - Die-Cut Template, LED Lights, Connecting Wires, Switch, Coin Battery
  • Other Supporting Materials - Glue, Safety Scissors, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Masking Tape, Ruler
Tutorial Videos:
  • Visual demonstrations of the activities that clearly take students through the step-by-step procedure of completing each activity
  • Gives the students the freedom to learn anywhere, any time without any dependency on Internet or power
Imageminds Books:
  • Embraces all necessary learning information and clear guidance towards performing the activities
  • Includes ‘Fun Time Activities’ and interesting ‘Did You Know’ sections that inspire and guide students towards further exploration

Our Reviews

  • Ann Flo S. Poonolil

    I was in class III when Imageminds Creative Labs were introduced in my School, St. Patrick's Academy. From then, Creative Labs has helped me a lot in improving my artistic skills. It helped me gain confidence in designing and creating my own name slips, greeting cards, posters, maps etc when I was just 8 years old. I learned to draw and make a lot of colourful and creative things there.

  • Shivan

    I am Shivan, a student of class 9, from st.Michael’s Academy. Since our childhood we all were very interested in playing games , Indoor and Outdoor games such as Football, Cricket, Badminton, Snake and Ladder, Monopoly etc. Also some games on computer like car racing, wrestling and many more. As a child I was keen to know how such games for playing on computer are made and who are those people who develop games for us to play. I was very much interested in digital and video games since my childhood. I also wanted to develop such game on my own but I was not aware about all the things included in game development.


Q: What is Imageminds?

Imageminds is a distinctive initiative to offer creative education to children. It opens up a lot of options, so children can use their imaginations and grow as creative thinkers and innovators.

Imageminds currently offers a variety of Creative and IQ Development Kits, each containing a variety of do-it-yourself projects for children aged 4 and up. The kits are examples of physical learning through project completion.

Imageminds is always expanding, so keep an eye out for new projects like Imageminds Junior and Edge, which bring your coloring books to life!

At Imageminds, we believe that “play" is the most effective and productive way to learn. Unstructured play and hands-on learning in early childhood are essential for a child's development. Play allows them to explore different approaches and scenarios for resolving a problem. Instead of following a formula to reach conclusions, experiential learning lets children come up with their own solutions (with some help).

Through play, we want to help kids learn without fear and build a strong foundation. So, we designed Imageminds Creative and IQ Development Kits for different ages to enrich and challenge young minds while also helping them grow as people through exploration and play. The theme-based kits include innovative art and craft activities, science projects, learning books, math concepts, environmental projects, puzzles, physical manipulatives, and board games.

Imageminds Kits are intended for children aged 3 to 14. The kits are curated for three age groups and are tailored according to the age-specific learning needs of children

  • Explorers: Ages 4+
  • Storytellers: Ages 6+
  • Creators: Ages 8+

Yes! Please do note that some or all crafts may have small parts that are not intended for children under three (3) years of age. If you still decide to let your kid (less than three (3) years of age) enjoy our craft, we require you to let your kid play under trusted and responsible adult supervision only.

Warning: Choking Hazard: Most or all of our kits contain small parts not suitable for children under three (3) years of age. Adult supervision is required.

Absolutely! The safety of everyone involved (Kids, Parents, Employees, Concept and Product Testers, etc.) while using our product is our TOP priority. We ensure that we source materials only from well-known and reputed brands. There are no cutting corners when it comes to Safety and Quality.

Side Note: We let our own kids create every single masterpiece before we put it out on our website for you to enjoy. They are our cute little testers, in addition to other testers of relevant age outside of our household.

Neuroscience studies on learning show that a child's body, mind, and emotions change the most quickly in the first five years of life. The right learning experiences and mental stimulation for a child at this stage of development have a big effect on how smart they will be in the future.

At Imageminds, we understand that memorization will never trump exploration. Our kits, put together by a group of experts, house all the materials needed to perform hands-on activities, experiments, and projects that give kids the chance to try things on their own and become independent learners.

Imageminds creative kits and activities encourage children to naturally communicate, share, play and learn.

Our products are designed to:

  • Provide rich multi-disciplinary learning opportunities
  • Fuel creativity and curiosity
  • Facilitate socio-emotional development
  • Build reading and language skills
  • Encourage self-expression and confidence
  • Inculcate logical reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Support cognitive and motor skill development
  • Increase vocabulary and communication skills
  • Develop concentration and thinking skills

Yes! The crates have been designed to fit the age of your child. Most kids between the ages of 4 and 5 will need some help from their parents, but older kids will be able to do most of the activities on their own. There may be parts of an activity, like using scissors, that need help from an adult. Both written and visual instructions will also be provided to your child. Each craft gives kids a way to use their imagination, creativity, and skills to make their own story, masterpiece, or something even more amazing than we can imagine. It can be a lot of fun, believe us!

In some activities, a few steps involving cutting, stitching, measuring fabrics, setting up circuits, etc., require the help of elders. Aside from that, you can rest easy and watch your kids make things, use them, and show how imaginative and creative they are. You can also pick out pictures of your kids working and send them to us. If we like them, we might put them on our website. Some of your kids' creations may also deserve some role-play time, just to enhance the experience. We will leave that up to you!

Arts and crafts are one of the common elements in all the kits, as it is a great way to develop numerous skills for all ages, specifically for kids.

Kids love to do arts and crafts, and it’s important for them to practice it both at school and at home. Some benefits of arts and crafts include (but are not limited to):

  • It helps them express themselves
  • It makes them more creative and productive - lets them think and approach using multiple ways to achieve the same thing
  • It helps them get better at creating stories and develop storytelling skills over time
  • It improves your child's fine motor skills, coordination, literary and math skills, and a variety of other skills, including creativity, social and interpersonal skills.

Our goal for every craft that we design is to help your kid grow and be better each day. Let's help our kids be creators.

Buying the Imageminds kit instead of art supplies has many benefits for your kid, and some of them include:

  • Craft Box challenges your kid with not just their own imagination but we help to constructively challenge them with our imagination.
  • It's economical because we buy in bulk and get better deals—we do indirectly pass on bulk savings to you—and it also saves you a lot of time; leave it to us to get your child started. Time is money!
  • It's more fun to have something in common to talk about with their friends and hear them tell their own stories. We will let them use their own imagination!

Children have unlimited creative potential. They are curious, playful, imaginative, and open to new experiences. Creativity is not a fixed quantity but a renewable skill and a way of thinking that can be improved and nurtured by allowing a child’s potential to develop.

Research has shown that children’s engagement with creative activities has positive effects on their interpersonal, intellectual, social, and emotional development.

They engage with their imagination and originality as they imagine and explore original ideas. Children who use fantasy and imagination are better able to engage in divergent thinking and generate ideas. They stretch their flexibility, maintaining openness to unique and novel experiences.

They practice decision-making and have the ability to make thoughtful choices that support creative efforts. They work on their communication and self-expression skills and learn to confidently share their ideas and true selves.

They find internal motivation in striving to achieve a meaningful goal. As they learn social skills that encourage creative teamwork, they see the benefits of working together.

Augmented reality has the potential to create a 3D immersive learning environment that helps people remember, understand, and be more interested in what they are learning.

Kids love to do arts and crafts, and it’s important for them to practice it both at school and at home. They help the kids and their parents develop some very important skills like motor skills, literacy, math concepts, creativity, self-esteem, and parent-child bonding.

All of our crafts are geared to enhance all of the above skills, and that's front and center in our mission. Let's develop our kids and let them be a creator.

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